Small business and home users have IT needs that extend beyond the humble computer. Sharing, backup and security in a small workgroup of family members or work colleagues are some examples of this. However, it feels like the big technology players such as Microsoft are increasingly moving away from supporting flat structures such as small workgroups and instead are focussing on hierarchical structures at the high end of town within corporate IT business. Expensive and complicated server and networking technologies such as Active Directory, Kerberos and DNS, spiralling costs and ongoing IT support are examples of the structures that smaller workgroups can ill afford and, quite frankly, do not need.

I started this series of posts because I believe there is a void to be filled in providing families and small business with affordable technologies to meet their needs.

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  1. Hi Basil. Thanks for all the fabulous info!
    I’m struggling to set up my TP-Link WDR3600 router using DD-WRT firmware and currently reading loads of your blog posts
    Rob Vernon (Bedford, UK)

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