Tautulli in a FreeNAS Jail

At the time of preparing this post, I’m working with FreeNAS 11.3-U4-1 and Tautulli 2.5.5. As evidenced in the forum thread Tautulli been running fine but now can’t start, the transition from Python 2 to 3 has been somewhat bumpy for Tautulli users on FreeNAS. The Tautulli FreeBSD/FreeNAS Installation Instructions lends itself to scripting, however, it leaves the …
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Caddy TLS Reverse Proxy in a FreeNAS Jail

Intended Audience This post will be of interest if you want to access private network resources securely using subdomains (e.g. https://subdomain.mydomain.com.au) or subdirectories (e.g. https://mydomain.com.au/subdirectory) rather than with IP addresses and port numbers. Assumptions You use a Fritz!Box for internet access. Your ISP supplies you with a dynamic IPv4 address. You are not in a …
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Plex Setup for FreeNAS

The objective here is to set up a Plex server on FreeNAS. The repository should be readable only to FreeNAS users. but should not accessible to anyone else. This will allow FreeNAS users to access media using other Windows applications such as WMP and VLC. The instructions that follow are suitable for a home network that […]

Plex Access to Media in Personal Shares

So, you’ve managed to follow the instructions to set up Plex to access media in a central repository. But, what about media located in personal shares that users would like to make available to Plex? Sure, you can move that media into the central repository, but your users would lose control over their media. This …
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