Plex Access to Media in Personal Shares

So, you’ve managed to follow the instructions to set up Plex to access media in a central repository. But, what about media located in personal shares that users would like to make available to Plex? Sure, you can move that media into the central repository, but your users would lose control over their media. This is undesirable. You want your users to retain control over their own media. Maybe, there are some embarrassing or salacious photos they would like to keep private.

Is it possible for a user to retain control over personal media, but still make (some of) that media available for viewing? It certainly is! And it isn’t difficult. However, it does require the administrator to intervene and set up the structures to make this happen.

Step 1: Give the Plex user read access to the personal media.


Step 2: Make the personal media available to the Plex server

Attach the media root (source) to a mount point (destination) in the Plex jail.


Step 3: Create a library for the media in the Plex plug-in



That’s all there is to it!


  1. Plex Setup for FreeNAS

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