Creating a Common Read-Write Share in FreeNAS

So far in the blog. we’ve dealt with personal shares, read-only shares and inaccessible shares. Now we want to create a share that FreeNAS users can use to share data with other  FreeNAS users.

Step 1: Create a share dataset


Step 2: Assign ownership of the share dataset

Make nobody the owner of share and freenas group owners. It is assumed that all FreeNAS users are members of the freenas group.


Step 3: Create the share Windows share


Follow this instruction to include the recycle bin in share.

Step 4: Fine tune permissions on share

If you have problems with this step, please review the post Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS.

When permissions on the Windows share are first viewed they appear as shown below with FreeNAS users (freenas) having full control and non-FreeNAS users (Everyone) having read access.


Adjust the permissions so that non-FreeNAS users do not have any access to the share and FreeNAS users have modify access rather than full control. This prevents users inadvertently, or otherwise, changing permissions or taking ownership of files. Allow system administrators to have full control of the share.



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Revision History

  1. Initial post. (170403)
  2. Owner and Group permission refinements. (170508)
  3. Clarification on managing Windows permissions (170517)

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