Create a Common Read-Only Share in FreeNAS

This post supersedes the post FreeNAS Windows Share Permissions – FreeNAS Users Have Read Only Access. It better aligns with principles established in the post Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS.

Consider establishing a reference library that is read-only to the FreeNAS user community on your network. It is managed by librarians who have full access to the library share. As usual, non-FreeNAS users have no access and administrators have full access.

Step 1: Create the library dataset.

Make sure the Share type is Windows.

Sketch library dataset

Step 2: Alter ownership of the dataset.

As the dataset is not owned by an individual, set the Owner (user) to nobody. As the librarians (in this instance, defined by those users included in the FreeNAS group librarians) are the custodians of the library content, set Owner (group) to librarians.

Sketch change permissions library

Step 3: Create the Windows share.

Sketch create library share

Step 5: Adjust permissions on the Windows share.

If you have problems with this step, please review the post Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS.

Share permissions of library when first viewed from Windows are shown in the screenshot below. Note that librarians have full access.


Adjust permissions to:

  1. Remove access to Everyone (world includes non-FreeNAS users);
  2. Grant FreeNAS users (in the group freenas) read access; and
  3. Grant administrators (in the group admins) full access.


Click OK and a Windows Security dialogue box appears.


Click Yes to allow permissions to propagate and then OK to exit the Permissions for library dialogue box.

That’s all there is to it folks! Your administrators and librarians will have full access to the share, while FreeNAS users will have read-only access.

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