WordPress Script: Opportunities for Improvement

There are a number of opportunities to continue to improve the script. Much of is outside my current sphere of knowledge. These are listed below. If you’re able to assist with any of this, or can help refine the script in other ways, please consider submitting a pull request at https://github.com/basilhendroff/freenas-iocage-wordpress.

1. Reduce the number of manual post-installation tasks

Some, if not all, of the manual post-installation tasks could be included in the script. There are a number of coding challenges begging for a solution. I’ve just run out of steam trying to figure these out.

2. Use a more current version of MariaDB

I had trouble trying to get WordPress working with MariaDB 10.4 and have dropped back to version 10.3. At the time of posting this, the most current MariaDB version available is 10.5. The most current FreeBSD package version is 10.4.

3. Problems retrofitting a WordPress jail behind a reverse proxy.

If the five-minute WordPress setup wizard is run before placing the WordPress jail behind the reverse proxy, when it then comes time to set up the jail behind the reverse proxy, WordPress loses its screen formatting. I haven’t got to the bottom of this issue.

This site was set up using the jail IP…

When it is then placed behind a reverse proxy, the formatting screws up…

Here’s the same site again, but this time the WordPress wizard was run through the reverse proxy…

4. WARNING: server reached pm.max_children setting

The warning below appears in /var/log/php-fpm.log:

WARNING: [pool www] server reached pm.max_children setting (5), consider raising it

This isn’t an immediate cause for concern. However, there isn’t one definite guide out there in Google land. There’s a bit of smoke and mirrors and quite a few seemingly opinionated approaches on how to resolve this one. I’m at a loss on how to proceed.

I’d also like to hear of any other suggestions for improving the performance, reliability, or security of the scripted resource in the context of its scope, which is:

The assumption is that the local network is trusted so local HTTP access to the WordPress jail is considered acceptable. External (HTTPS) access to the WordPress service is granted via a reverse proxy.

It’s not my intention to expand the resource scope.

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